Our staff are professionally trained experts in the latest techniques and introducing to you the newest porcelain products. (as well as our color changing candles) Our service and dedication to our clients in their required needs, are unsurpassed.


So, if you are looking for the unique, the special the different - we are the ones.

Not only do we manufacture printed porcelain dinnerware and gifts, favors - but we also sell these amazing color changing candles!

Thank you for your interest - we will be happy to help you remember that Wedding Reception or Birthday or Anniversary a night to cherish.

A few words about us

why choose us

Paris Group Inc. Specializes in porcelain and in fact has one of the few (in the world) porcelain printers, that allows us to personalize and customize virtually any porcelain or ceramic dish, dinner plate, bowl, mug or cup and saucer.



Paris Group Inc also has a line of porcelain wedding gifts, and favors.

And also sells for a limited time, these color changing candles.  Candles that as you light them, they continually change to all the colors, and what a sight sitting on the tables of your wedding reception - for the party!

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