We Offer Some Very Creative Candles.
Candles That Change Color When Lit.  Candles That Are Battery Operated That Change Color Without Being Lit. 
And Also We Can Print Directly In Full Color Right On Any Candle!
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LED Candles

If you are wondering about Color Changing Candles, with wick or no wick or LED Candles or even about us!

Let us clear it all up for you.

LED Candles are simply candles with a LED light inside.  They are the same as Color Changing Candles because all of our Color Changing Candles have both a high powered LED light inside but also a computer chip.

To see some of these LED candles please click here: LED Candles are Color Changing Candles

The Color Changing Candles we sell (LED Candles to the rest of you) come in two types:

One type is with wick, meaning that the Color Changing Candle (LED Candle) changes color only when you light the candle.  When you extinguish the candle, the colors stop as well.

The other type is without wick, meaning that the Color Changing Candle (LED Candle) changes color only when you turn the switch "ON" which is on the bottom of the candle.  Once in the "ON" position, the Color Changing Candle (LED Candle) will continually change color until you turn it "OFF".  This candle never burns as it has No Wick!

So, if you are looking for LED candles, you have come to the right place.  And if you are wanting to print on LED Candles see our Photo Candle website.  Print On LED Candles Here

Who we are?

Echo Trade/Marketing Inc specializes in Unique and Innovative Product Lines as:
Importers, manufacturers of Color Changing Candles and Printing on Candles.
Our sales office is in Toronto Ontario CANADA
1515 Britannia Road East
Suite 215
Mississauga, ON L4W 1S5

Email us here:  or call  1888 271 4208 or 1 416 410 9960 or skype: ezeric1 

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