We Offer Some Very Creative Candles.
Candles That Change Color When Lit.  Candles That Are Battery Operated That Change Color Without Being Lit. 
And Also We Can Print Directly In Full Color Right On Any Candle!
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Candles That Change Color!

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We are going to show you candles that most gift shops and candle stores don't know about.

Our Candles Are VERY Different From What You Would Typically See Out There.

Much Different...

We offer Color Changing Candles that burn, as well as Color Changing Candles that NEVER burn (but still change color, they turn 'on' and 'off' with a switch on bottom of candle) we also can print directly on any wax candles


For our complete retail catalogue click balloon below "Color Changing Catalogue" PDF 
For our Wholesale (resellers or bulk users) please click our "Wholesale Color Changing Catalogue" 


What we do at Color Changing Candle.net
Echo Trade/Marketing Inc.

  • We supply Color Changing Candles (led candles) orders up from 1 piece (one candle if you want) to candle wholesale orders.  
  • Our Candles Change Color When They Are Lit - Nothing Like It!  Fantastic Colors!
  • We Also Offer Color Changing Candles That Don't Burn (No Wick) But Still Change Colors! (They have a switch & you turn these candles "on" and "off")
  • We Also Have A Patented Process That Can Print Any Photo, Picture Or Image In Full Color Right On The Candle... This Is Not Print Stickers On Candles. Our Print Becomes The Candle! Photo or Pictured Candles.  To see more of photo candles or our patented candle printers click here that website is www.PhotoCandle.net

Got a question about 'Color Changing Candles'? 

Call us  1 888 271 4208

Or Text us here. (when available).
Note: if 'Status' says that we are available, then that means someone here is sitting at a desk in front of a computer to answer your questions. 

Other Contact Methods:
Email us here:  or call  1888 271 4208 or 1 416 410 9960 or skype: ezeric1 



 1888 271 4208 or 1 416 410 9960 or skype: ezeric1 

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 If you are un-sure about what kind of 'Color Changing Candle' you would like to have, here is an excellent opportunity to get one of our 'hot sellers'

Make Sure YOU See our
2 specials below....

  1. Autumn Special (no wick)
  2. And Floating Lilly (wick type)   

Floating Lilly Lotus Special


Water Lily Lotus Color Changing Candle.
This Candle burns with wick.
It also floats!

Size: 10.5 cm x 5 cm or 4.1 inches x 2.4 inches.
Normal price $16.00 plus shipping
Special (while supplies last) $12.21 plus shipping.
100 % wax with cotton wick.

Call to order via telephone 1 888 271 4208 or order securely through 2 checkout here:
Paypal orders also accepted through 2 checkout -  its online, secure and easy!


 2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Echo Trade/Marketing Inc..

Here are all of our no-wick (flameless)
color changing candles.



These Color Changing Candles (called no wick or flameless) are sometimes called
 LED Battery Operated Candles.

No wick, Flameless, or LED Candles mean the same thing!

They change color, but you don't light them, they have an 'on/off' switch on the bottom of each candle and run on batteries.  The batteries are lithium and last for years, giving you beautiful relaxing color changing lights for your enjoyment. You can see all of them In our color changing candle price list (pdf file) or our
Color Changing Candle Order Page,  you will  see them listed as having "no wick".

Just to remind you: We sell Both Here
Flame (Wick) and Non-Flame (No-Wick) color changing candles.

Our Color Changing Candles With Our Full Color Printing Photos On Candles Were Used In The Vancouver 2010 Olympics.
- These are the exact same quality candles you would be getting!
  (without the olympic logo).

 www.ColorChangingCandle.net Olympics 2010

So, the candles used for the Olympics can be purshased here online as a special.
Candles have no wick so there is no flame but continually changes color!

Note: you are getting 1 pillar color changing candle (no olypmic print, just plain white).

These candles are color changing  without wick.
Size 8.5 cm by 15.2 cm or 3 1/3 inches x 6 inches. Large Pillar shaped candle.

Price $20.00 each plus $8.00 shipping.
Call 1 888 271 4208 to order visa or mastercard.
Or order secure through 2 checkout here: (2 checkout also handles paypal for us).




Our Other Special of the Month
Autumn Special!

No-Wick, Large Pillar (6 inch) Color Changing Candle

Easily and

Either Call our Toll Free Office at 1 888 271 4208 (during business hours) we are on the east coast.

Or ORDER online here:

All our orders are 100% secure, through 2 Checkout or Paypal.

Prices listed here are US dollars. 

You are getting 1 square color changing (flameless) candle (as shown above)
Paying $11.11 plus $8.00 shipping total $19.11

Purchase Autumn Special Now

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Echo Trade/Marketing Inc..

We have many different color changing candles to choose from.

Your friends will be amazed when they see the candles change from color to color (and all the different shades in between).

Watching the candles change color is also very relaxing.

Great for gifts, weddings, showers, corporate gifts  (and that we can also print right on the candle - nobody does that).

When we talk about printing on candles, we are not talking about printing a film on the candle or sticker/label on the candles.  Our process is very unique print equipment that is manufactured to print directly (full image/photo or picture) on candles.  In fact we can print like this on any candle, it doesn't have to be our candles!

If you are interested in candles, and either collect them, sell them or give them away as gifts.

You Aint Seen Nothing Yet!

Here is one of our video's click here to start (it may take a few moments to load the video).

 Call us 1 888 271 4208 to order

Credit Card Orders Via Online
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1 888 271 4208

Email us here:  or  call direct: 1 416 410 9960 or skype: ezeric1 

Color changing candle styles, prices and online orders here
Color changing candle wholesale information here
Other links here

"The Color Changing Candle Experts"

We have wholesale case lot prices. We import directly from China. We Manufacture Our Photo Candles (and print on candles in Toronto Ontario Canada).


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